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Midwest Book Review: Anatomy for Artists: Man in Motion is a DVD for aspiring and practicing artists focusing on how to realistically portray human activities such as running, jumping, lifting, carrying, kicking, throwing, pulling, and more. With live models and a variety of camera angles, Anatomy for Artists deconstructs frame by frame how the human body, bones, and muscles work, as well as the relationship between balance and movement. An excellent, user-friendly guide, worthy of the highest recommendation for classroom use or self-study. 

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AFA: Man In Motion 

It's one thing to know the parts of the body, it's another to put that knowledge into action. This video takes the artist to the next level by examining a variety of human activities including running, walking, jumping, lifting, carrying, kicking, throwing, pulling, and more. Working from the live model using different camera angles, classical illustrations and animation, this program breaks down, frame by frame, the component movements of the body, and how the various sections of the body work together to accomplish complex tasks. Chapters in this video include:
• How the Bones Work
• How the Muscles Work
• Major Sections of the Body
• Relationship between Balance and Movement

Host: Larry Withers                     
Running time: 62 minutes   
Price: $19.95
UPC#: 881303000078

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