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Library Journal: 
Anatomy for Artists provides a good general review of human anatomy for students and artists alike. By describing the surface forms and underlying bone structure and how they work together to permit movement, the DVD is useful for teaching sculpture as well as figure drawing. The model featured has very good muscle definition, thereby highlighting muscular and skeletal systems, simple and complex muscle groups, and human proportions. The DVD is short and well organized; the model wears a brief swimsuit to avoid embarrassing or offending young students. This useful tool will aid in art instruction for high school through adult learners.

Arts & Activities:​
Anatomy for Artists explores the underlying structure of what comprises figure drawing. The presentation is not a drawing demonstration per se, but an in depth explanation of the human body, its bones and muscles, and how they contribute to volume and form for drawing the human body. This is a very technical presentation as it explains the various bones and muscle groups and how they interact. The video is divided into chapters about different areas to break the information down, thus making it more accessible, and moves from head to toe including an explanation of the movement and proportions of the body.
    Muscle groups are noted as the power source of body movement. The human head is used as tradition to measure the various proportions of the body and this technique is carefully explained.  The difference between male and female are noted as well.
    This video would require an attentive audience with a strong art foundation as it is wordy and detailed. The visuals are a combination of live models and examples from historic art sources, which makes for clever comparisons and reinforces the information in a very effective manner.


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Anatomy for Artists: Trilogy

Complete 3-Volume Series. A complete anatomy course designed to address the needs of artists.  Includes: 
Anatomy for Artists: Human Form Revealed. This is the only video of its kind produced specifically to address the needs of today’s artists and art students. This video takes the art student through the various sections of the body describing the surface forms, underlying bone structure, and how they combine to allow the human form to move.
Anatomy for Artists: The Human Head. This video addresses those topics critical in understanding the anatomy of the head including: bones of the cranium and face, muscles of the head and their functions, surface forms that define the face, canons of proportion of the head, characteristics that differentiate gender and age, and facial expressions.
Anatomy For Artists: Man In Motion. Working from the live model using different camera angles, classical illustrations and animation, this program breaks down, frame by frame, the component movements of the body, and how the various sections of the body work together to accomplish complex tasks.

Host: Larry Withers                    
Running time: 155 minutes   
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