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Video Librarian: Dating from prehistoric times, beads will never go out of vogue. Fun to work with, beads are available in a variety of styles suitable to most tastes and budgets. Featuring clear directions and good close-ups (essential for demonstrating projects with tiny objects like beads), “Beading: 8 Easy Projects” is hosted by instructor Sharyn Pak, who describes the tools needed for stringing beads and shares tips for making all of the projects shown here, which include necklaces (both single-strand and multi-strand types), bracelets, “zipper doodles” (a decorative fob that makes it easier to grab and pull a zipper closed), “bibbers” (a beaded strand with clips at both ends, either for a dentist’s bib or for lobster bibs), ankle bracelets, wine glass charms, earrings, and “eyeglass leashes.” Recommended. (3 out of 4 stars)

Booklist: Beading is an easily learned, fun craft for viewers from kids through seniors. Host Sharyn Pak Withers clearly explains and demonstrates eight simple beaded projects: necklaces, bracelets, eyeglass leashes, earrings, zipper pulls, wine glass charms, ankle bracelets, and beaded strings for bibs. The program lists the necessary supplies and tools before Withers demonstrates basic stringing and finishing techniques. Close-up camera shots give crafters a good view of the somewhat tricky technique of stringing clasps and completing projects. Throughout the program, Withers scatters helpful tips, such as keeping the back of the necklace simple so it lays flat and stringing heavier beads next to the bracelet clasp for balance. The personable instructor shows off various finished projects to give crafters additional ideas and inspiration. The DVD menu is user friendly, allowing easy access to projects.

School Library Journal: For 4th Grade and Up: Beading is a simple and easily accessible craft. In this how-to film, instructor Sharyn Pak presents all the basics needed to create lovely, professional-looking jewelry and gifts. She displays commonly used materials and tools, and then demonstrates the stringing techniques to make necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets, and earrings. She takes it a step further by using specialty findings to make eyeglass chains, wine glass charms, zipper pulls, and clip-ended bibbers for one’s favorite dentist or lobster lover. The demonstrations are clear and easy to follow, and the instructor explains how to use these techniques with even younger children. In discussing materials, she shows which tools are optional, so the casual beader doesn’t need to purchase all the equipment shown. All materials and tools are inexpensive and readily available at any craft or discount store. The eight projects can be viewed independently of each other, and the DVD contains a PDF file of a helpful materials list which can be accessed from a computer’s DVD drive. Although only a few examples of finished projects are displayed, it’s enough to encourage creativity and foster success for artists of all ages. This instructional video for beginners will be useful in art classes or after-school programs. 

Library Journal: A logical integration of visual and straightforward narration makes this crafts title a promised fulfilled. Sharyn Pak, and experienced beader, repeats crucial steps enough times that the eight projects—bracelets, earrings, necklace, zipper doodle, bibber, wineglass charms, ankle bracelet, and eyeglass holder—are clearly demonstrated and seem amazingly easy. Pak also offers neat design tips, including how to weigh pieces effectively. She also crimps with pliers, not a specific crimping tool, but does get the job done. Recommended for all collections.

Arts & Activities: Eight beading projects in one video is a great deal. Narrated and demonstrated by Sharyn Pak Withers, this video provides all the basic information needed to begin the craft of beading. The introduction provides the background details needed for proceeding through a variety of projects requiring various skill levels, but none that are too hard to learn from watching and listening to the presentation.
  Based around the stringing technique, projects are presented in a step-by-step manner, along with explaining what is easy and what is harder. There’s also a review at the end. Required tools and necessary materials are explained and a PDF file with lists of such is available to print out through the use of a computer.
      The projects include necklaces (single and multi-strand), bracelets, zipper doodles, bibbers, wineglass charms, earrings, ankle bracelets, and eyeglass leashes. The notion of considering colors and styles of materials suited to one another is presented, and several finished examples of each project are shown.
      Each project is presented in a manner that is complete unto itself, allowing for the projects to be completed in any order. With both verbal and visual explanations, along with showing examples of finished projects, it appears to be easy to successfully complete these numerous jewelry projects.

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Beading: 8 Easy Projects 

There are few crafts that can match the appeal of beading both for it’s simplicity and the beauty of the finished product. Beginners can easily master the basic skills necessary for achieving professional and eye-dazzling results. In this program Sharyn Pak demonstrates eight easy and creative projects that any beginner will enjoy. Projects include how to make:
• Necklaces    
• Earring    
• Eyeglass Leashes    
• Zipper Doodles   
• Ankle Bracelets 
 • Bracelets
 • Wineglass Charms
 • Bibbers

Host: Sharyn Pak Withers                    
Running time: 40 minutes   
Price: $14.95
UPC#: 881303000153