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Arts and Activities: Larry Withers communicates the processes and techniques of block printing in a clear, thorough style in the comprehensive video. The videography is sharp and pleasant to watch. The lively presentation is further enhanced with good graphic illustrations and some useful captions. Basic material, for beginners, is easily understood and teachers of younger students will value the movie for its careful, step-by-step information. The emphasis on safety is extremely helpful to all educators. Withers even refers to and demonstrates rainbow prints, overlapping prints and the numbering of editions. High school and college-level students will be inspired by the registered, multicolored project that is included. Use the menu buttons to view segments of the video itself or the gallery of block prints by many well-known artists. Download and print out special features such as examples, diagrams and a tools and materials list.

Midwest Book Review: Hosted by expert fine arts instructor Larry Withers, The Art of Block Printing is a DVD how-to guide to partaking in the centuries-old art of block printing. From the necessary materials and tools, to creating one’s design, carving a printing block, producing one-color or two-color printing, to appropriate color registration, safety tips for block cutting, and introduction to various techniques, and much more, The Art of Block Printing walk viewers of all backgrounds and skill levels through the process. A back-cover checklist of the inexpensive tools one needs to get started round out this user-friendly teaching guide, enthusiastically  recommended for anyone intrigued to dabble in this art form to created distinctive artworks, handmade cards, or other beautiful projects.

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The Art of Block Printing 

In this video you will learn the art and techniques of creating and producing your very own block prints. Topics addressed include:
• Creating your design
• Carving your printing block
• Producing one-color and multi-color prints
• Proper color registration
• Block cutting safety
• Creating and numbering an edition
• Samples of various techniques
•And much more
​ Also included are diagrams for making your own bench hook and registration jig.

Host: Larry Withers                    
Running time: 42 minutes   
Price: $14.95
UPC#: 881303000092