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Library Journal: This instructional video begins by describing all the parts of a hardbound book, then goes on to demonstrate “case binding,” the method still used by most publishers and binderies today. The film is divided into individual chapters showing each step in the process: folding the individual signatures, sewing signatures into folios, gluing them together, making the cover and end papers, and assembling the complete book. The steps are all clearly and simply explained and very well presented visually. The techniques for the most part make use of easily obtainable supplies found around the home or in craft or art supply stores. After the basics, host Larry Withers gives information on creating a variety of bound cover designs as well as recommendations for crafting several additional pieces of equipment to make the tasks easier. He not only provides clear instruction, but his enthusiasm will encourage the viewer to take up the craft. Downloadable PDF files feature a complete materials list, diagrams for building a book press and sewing frame, and common sewing knots. Librarians and book lovers will enjoy this video for its revealing information about book construction. A final valuable bit illustrates the proper way to open a new book for the first time so as not to damage the spine. Targeted to teens and adults,this video is highly recommended for arts and crafts collections as well as those covering the books arts.

Video Librarian: Pointing out that “the ability to create books from scratch using simple materials is a satisfying process...[that] results in something that can be admired for its beauty and durability,” guide Larry Withers teaches viewers here how to “case bind” blank pages for a journal or a scrapbook. Chapters cover the materials and tools required for the case binding process (including the case assembly), as well as folding and sewing page signatures, and advanced techniques (the “advanced” equipment—sewing frame, book press, and piercing board—isn’t beyond the ability of a dedicated do-it-yourselfer to make, and the disc included PDF files with instructions for making same). While it would have been useful to include a discussion of binding using regular printer and copier paper (given the fact that many people want to bind family reminiscences or recipes, Bookbinding is a nicely filmed how-to that is as solid as, well, a finely-bound book. Highly recommended.

Arts and Activities: In an age when we are inundated by electronic communication, the notion of hardbound books is struggling to survive. The art of binding one’s own book, while never a common practice, is fast becoming a memory except for those few people involved in keeping this traditional craft alive.
     Bookbinding presents a careful, step-by-step approach to case binding, which is the most common style of crafting a full-sized book. It is intended for persons interested in crafting an individual book without being burdened with special equipment and tools. No page is left unturned as this DVD provides a step-by-step approach divided into several chapters that are very easy to follow.Each chapter begins by introducing an overview to the next step and then goes back to slowly fill in the details of each step, all the while introducing and explaining the associated vocabulary. Each step is carefully explained and demonstrated right down to threading the needle.
  The DVD includes text sheets with a materials list and PDF files with instructions for creating basic bindery equipment such as a book press and sewing frame. Also included are chapters on advanced instruction involving making larger books and fancy book cover designs.     Bookbinding is a historic process and it is wonderful in this day and age, to slow down and participate in this age-old craft.

The Artist Magazine: Now you can learn how to craft a beautiful hardcover book without ever leaving your studio. The new instructional DVD, Bookbinding: A Traditional Technique, walks you step-by-step through this art form. You’ll learn everything from folding paper into signatures to creating a hardcover and assembling a finished book. All you need to worry about is how to fill your new handmade sketchbook.

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Bookbinding is a centuries old craft that’s still practiced and enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world. While the results can be quite beautiful, the skill required is well within the ability of the average craftsperson.
  In this program you will learn the basic process of making and assembling a hard cover “case bound” book, a method still employed by libraries and book publishers. 
This video includes sections on:
• The Process Materials
• Folding and sewing page signatures
• Creating a cloth-cover hard cover
• Book assembly
• Building your own book press and sewing frame

Host: Larry Withers                    
Running time: 63 minutes   
Price: $14.95
UPC#: 881303000153