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Library Journal: The multitalented Sharyn Pak is back with another first-class instructional video, this time focusing on making candles. Candlemaking requires few specialized tools, and most projects can be accomplished relatively quickly. Pak takes viewers through half a dozen styles, from cold-poured candles using granulated wax to hand-dipped models, the most complicated of the projects. For each, she explains the tools and supplies required and moves step by step through the process, including variation on the basic candle. Pak’s explanations are clear, and viewers can see exactly what to do and how to do it. Bonus features include and materials/tools list, troubleshooting tips, and directions on making a drying rack. For most craft collection.

Midwest Book Review: Candlemaking: A Beginner’s Guide is a straightforward guide to the hobby, art, and craft of creating beautiful and functional candles. Crafting expert Sharyn Pak guides the viewer through step-by-step processes (and important safety precautions!) for making a wide variety of popular candles, including cold-poured, rolled, sand, container, mold and dipped candles. A thoughtful, thorough, and accessible instructional, highly recommended, especially for anyone seeking to create distinctive handmade gifts for friends and family.

Video Librarian: Who knew there were so many possible techniques in candlemaking? In this interesting how-to, cheerful host and avid crafter Sharyn Pak demonstrates methods for all kinds of candles, including cold-poured, rolled, sand, container, mold, and dipped. Replete with projects (several which are simple enough for children and don’t  require a heat source), the program also emphasizes safety. Backed by diagrams, animation, and illustration, Pak points out the necessary tools and materials and offers precise step-by-step instruction for each process. DVD extras include a brief explanation of how a candle works (which is helpful in understanding why they don’t always burn the way you expect them to), tools/materials lists, and diagrams for building a drying rack. Crafters and others interested in fun family activities or do-it-yourself gifts will find this very useful. Highly recommended (3 1/2 stars out of 4). I was very interested in receiving a review copy of a new DVD entitled “Candlemaking: A Beginner’s Guide” from On Air Video.While I’ve got a number of candle making videos here on the site (albeit much shorter than this 82-minute DVD), I’m always eager to see how someone else teaches candle making. Each candle maker has their own particular candle making style, tips and tricks, and their own particular types of candles that they like the best.The host, Ms. Sharyn Pak, shows us a diverse range of candles including:
* Granulated/cold poured Container Candles
* Rolled Beeswax Candles
* Sand Candles*Container Candles
* Molded Candles (with an Ice Candle Variation)
* Dipped Candles                           
​     Ms. Pak starts with an informative introduction into the history and appeal of candles and different types of wax. She also gives a lengthy overview of the different types of wicks used in candle making.After the introduction, Ms. Pak presents a really nice, thorough section on both candle making safety and candle burning safety.Throughout the DVD, she inserts special tips and tricks to make your candle making easier and more efficient. Tips like priming a wick, keeping your candle craft area free of clutter, using a double boiler and centering and trimming your wicks are all very helpful tidbits of information.Each of the projects is a self-contained section that can be viewed independently. The ingredient and tool list for each of the projects are clear and complete, with well-photographed procedures and illustrations.For the granulated candle project, Ms. Pak uses brightly colored granulated paraffin was to make a simple container candle and gives a few fun variations and special effects for making them even more festive.The rolled beeswax candle section is clear and easy to follow. She shows us several variations on the simple rolled beeswax candle and introduces us to an interesting way to prime the wick on the beeswax candle. Instead of soaking the wick in melted beeswax, she takes a small piece of bees wax and wraps it around the tip of the wick. The container candle project is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. She uses soy wax and it’s a great introductory explanation of container candle making.One of the molded candles Ms. Pak makes is an interesting variation on the ice candle where she fills in the holes left by the ice with a secondary color of wax.The final section of the DVD demonstrates dipped candles. Again, Ms. Pak shows us basic instructions and then a couple of interesting variations. I have great respect for anyone patient enough to make dipped candles...and Ms. Pak makes a number of great looking ones with clear instructions for measuring the wicks, how to dip them into the melt pot, and a great homemade cooling rack. I think this is the most successful and complete of the projects.I think most any beginning candle maker could watch this DVD and learn how to make candles. The information is clearly presented and very easy to follow.

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​     A Beginner's Guide 

Candles are not only functional, they’re a great mood-setter—creating beautiful lighting and giving off a pleasant fragrance. With this program, learning how to make your own beautiful and decorative candles couldn’t be simpler. In this DVD craft expert, Sharyn Pak shows how to make a variety of popular candles including: cold-poured, rolled, sand, container, mold and dipped candles. A special emphasis is paid to candlemaking safety. There are also many extras including a materials and tools list, and diagrams for building a dipped candle drying rack. 

Host: Sharyn Pak Withers                     
Running time: 82 minutes   
Price: $16.95
UPC#: 881303000283