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Arts & Activities: On Air Video, Inc. continues to produce high-quality, informative videos at very reasonable prices. Cardmaking is a generous 2 hours of well-presented techniques focusing on numerous ways to make greeting cards. Hosted and demonstrated by Sharyn Pak, the topic and approach of this video is most appropriate for the well-supplied hobbyist with the intention of producing attractive, handmade greeting cards, invitations and announcements.
​ Pak covers a variety of single-panel cards, single- and multi-fold cards, cards with windows and specialty cards, including swing outs and pop-ups. The ideas presented progress from easy to more difficult, and are explained in a very careful and meticulous manner. Viewers can easy follow along or stop and start the video as need be.
Initially, cards can be completed with simple, easily accessible materials. There is a detailed list of more sophisticated materials and tools that can be used to create more elaborate effects. Pak carefully covers safety issues and explains what an appropriate setting to complete the cards is, and through her demonstrations, explains the various potential uses of the cards.The school classroom teacher can certainly glean numerous project ideas from this video and draw on student skills, such as measuring and writing. It is unlikely that a teacher will have many of the specialty tools featured in this video, so some creative adapting may need to be done to accomplish some of the more elaborate cards that might be the focus of a typical grade school student project.

School Library Journal: Sharyn Pak, craft expert and TV personality, demonstrates the basics of creating handmade greeting cards for birthdays, invitations, graduations, thank you notes, and more.  The DVD includes segments on single-panel, single- and multi-fold, and window cards, as well as a variety of specialty cards and envelopes, moving from basic to more complex projects. Pak Lists over 30 different types of tools and materials needed to create the cards. Though not specifically designed for children or teens, the projects are simple enough for crafters in middle and high school.

Midwest Book Review: In Cardmaking: Greetings, Invites & Announcements, craft expert Sharyn Pak teaches the viewers how to create dozens of different types of unique, home-made cards with the beauty of store-bought cards but without the expense—and also without the impersonal nature of mass-produced products. Topics covered include how to create single-panel note cards and announcements, making single-fold and multi-fold greeting cards and invitations, window cards, money gift cards, pop ups, seasonal cards, and much more.  A section on crafting aesthetically pleasing custom envelopes and a downloadable Materials and Tools list in PDF format round out this excellent DVD, recommended for public collections as well as for the private arts and crafts shelves.
Practical Homeschooling: Have you ever received a homemade card and wished you had the skills to make your own rather than buy them? Then this 120-minute DVD is perfect for you.Cardmaking: Greeting, Invites & Announcements provides step-by-step, clear instructions on how to make simple to elaborate greeting cards, invitations, and announcements. Ms. Sharyn Pak does a nice job explaining how to use the supplies, the types of paper that are available to you, and how to decide which type of card to make.
    The DVD starts with instructions on how to make a simple single-panel card. If you’ve made any sort of card in the past, you will find that one very simplistic, but if this is your first foray into making cards, you will be eased into the projects. Once you have watched the instructor make several single-panel cards, she introduces single-fold and multi-fold greeting cards and invitations. She demonstrates everything from birthday cards to thank-you cards to wedding invitations. She provides sufficient demonstrations to get your creative juices going.
     The DVD also highlights multitude of tools. While I’ve made hundreds of cards, I’ve avoided brads. After watching the DVD, the mystery of how to use brads has disappeared and I’m ready to tackle the challenge of adding those simple embellishments. Some of the other embellishments demonstrated include die-cuts, rhinestones, confetti, ribbon, rub-on and sticker letters, beads, clips and a wide assortment of adhesives.
​     If you’re ready to try making your own handcrafted cars, this DVD will give you the tools you need to start with a level of confidence.

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Cardmaking: Greetings & Invites 

Store bought cards are OK, but why not make your own? Creating cards is simple, quick and so much more personal. In this program craft expert, Sharyn Pak shows you dozens of unique cards and how to create and embellish them. Learn how to make single-panel note cards and announcements, single-fold and multi-fold greeting cards and invitations. Discover how to make window cards, and specialty cards such as money gift cards, pop-ups and a variety of cards for every occasion or holiday. There’s even a section on creating beautiful custom envelopes.

Host: Sharyn Pak Withers                    
Running time: 120 minutes   
Price: $14.95
UPC#: 881303000221