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Booklist: Middle-age couch potatoes clutching their TV remotes can comfortably ease back into shape by following this simple workout developed by personal trainer Sharyn Pak for her sedentary husband, Larry. The regimen covers all the basics, including stretching, aerobics, resistance, core training, flexibility, and cool-down, and uses such sports-related props as soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, baseball bats, and dumbbells (rather than hand weights). Background music is a nice combination of blues, jazz, and rock. Larry is outfitted in a sleeveless athletic shirt and baggie gym shorts—no Lycra here! Good-natured Larry follows Sharyn’s instructions as she leads viewers through a simple exercise regimen. At times the camera is a bit shaky, but it does not detract from the overall production. Considering that few workout videos feature less-than-perfect male bodies, this DVD fills a much-neglected niche in most exercise collections. 

Library Journal: And now for something completely different! Hyped as a workout video designed “specifically for the older guy who hasn’t worked out in a while,” Chubby Hubby Workout might be worth a peek even if you don’t plan to do the routine. In an industry that largely caters to females, Sharyn Pak has created a down-to-earth fitness program for men, with exercises the mimic movements from their favorite sports. It is practical as well as entertaining. Pak’s spouse, Larry, the self-proclaimed “chubby hubby,” hams it up while leading viewers through a regimen of aerobics, strength training, abdominal strengthening, and flexibility exercises. Viewers will engage in martial arts kicks, basketball dribbles, the baseball toss, football forward pass (snap!), quarterback drills, and resistance training using free weights. There is even a mandatory water break. Chubby Hubby Workout is a great beginning exercise video for men who need to dust off their athletic shoes and for those who may also suffer from a slight case of “yogaphobia.” An economic purchase that might appeal to the caring partner of a “chubby hubby” and will likely fill the gender gap in most library fitness collections. 

Washington Post: If a man gave a woman “The Wide Wife Workout,” she would tear off his head and use it as a planter. And yet, trainer Sharyn Pak’s “Chubby Hubby Workout is wholly inoffensive. Yay double standards! This low-budget DVD is geared toward older, out-of-shape fellows who need to ease back into exercise with an extremely gentle routine. Like a manly mime, Pak’s husband, Larry, silently demonstrates as an off-camera Pak leads him through stretches, moves using props (a baseball bat, a basketball), martial-arts kicks and more. At first Larry telegraphs self-conscious boredom, but soon he’s really getting into it. 

Los Angeles Times: Basic sports equipment, some dumbbells and a chair are about all that’s needed for this exercise routine, which includes stretching, cardio, strength training, core training and a cool-down. A soccer ball is used for knee dribbles (bouncing the ball on the top of the thigh). A football comes in handy for “quarterback drills” (squats combined with an arm swing) and a baseball is needed for a faux pitch. When combined, they make for fairly substantial cardio that works several body parts. Dumbbells are used for resistance exercises-nothing tricky, just some basic shoulder presses, bicep curls and the like. Variations on sit-ups and planks make up the core work. Pak’s narration focuses on proper form and intensity. Even the most die-hard couch spuds should be able to keep up with this workout, which is geared to beginners. Although production values aren’t great, this no-frills approach offers a good foundation for an exercise program. Pak, a trainer in the Philadelphia area for a dozen years, says she saw her husband (who, in the video, has a bit of a gut) as a “burgeoning market -- the guys who work behind computers all day long” who gain weight “and start getting terrible posture.” She adds that her husband (a videographer in real life) was the perfect model, not somebody with 3% body fat.

Modesto Bee: Men have needs. And one of those needs is to not be promised lean, sculpted abs by DVD fitness instructors who look like they were born with iron six-packs. “Chubby Hubby Workout” to the rescue. Subtitled “Building a Better Husband,” it stars the refreshingly hefty husband of a fitness instructor and goes through 43 minutes of all the basics: stretching, aerobics, core training and flexibility exercises. The workout also requires some decidedly manly props. Bring your basketball, soccer ball, baseball, football, baseball bat and a couple of sets of dumbbells. Iron six-pack optional.

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Chubby Hubby Workout 

If your husband is like mine, over the years he’s exercising less and maybe gained some weight. My husband hates to go to the gym and the thought of working out to my female-oriented workout videos is a big turn-off.That’s why I developed the Chubby Hubby Workout. This video is designed specifically for the older guy who hasn’t worked out in a while, to help ease him back into an exercise routine.
​ In this program my husband, Larry will lead your significant other through a series of exercises that hit all major muscle groups. This video provides stretching, aerobics, resistance, core training, and flexibility exercises. It’s the perfect guy workout.

Host: Sharyn Pak with Larry Withers                    
Running time: 42 minutes   
Price: $19.95
UPC#: 881303000115