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Video Librarian: Larry Withers, writer and host of Framing, Matting & Hanging: A Beginner’s Guide, is well aware that matting and framing artwork and photos are not easy tasks, but he has risen to the challenge with this comprehensive program featuring easy-to-digest steps and clear instructions on techniques, tools, and processes—even down to details such as how to dispose of used cutting blades. Where mistakes are likely to happen, such as overcutting the corner of a mat, Withers provides tips on how to fix them. In addition to showing how to cut single, double, and oval mats, safely handle glass, and make frames from scratch using hardware-store molding, Withers also offers suggestions on choosing colors and materials, and gives advice on hanging pieces individually or in groups. DVD extras include a gallery of framing ideas, lists of materials and tools, and PDF files with planning worksheets that Withers explains in detail how to use. An inexpensive and thorough introduction to the subject, this is highly recommended. 

Midwest Book Review: Expert fine arts craftsman Larry Withers presents Framing, Matting & Hanging: A Beginner’s Guide, a no-nonsense DVD guide to protecting one’s artwork in framing and matting for its protection and enhancement. Using simple tools and materials available at any hardware store, one can follow the step-by-step directions to select an appropriate mat and frame, cut a single or double-mat, mount artwork, make one’s own frame molding, cut and assemble the frame, paint and decorate the frame, display artwork, and use conservation framing techniques. An easy-to-follow how-to guide, highly recommended for anyone interested in learning the basics of preparing art or photographs for display.​

Arts & Activities. Framing, Matting & Hanging is a complete look at the subjects essential to the presentation of artwork. Larry Withers, is the host of this comprehensive explanation of the process of taking finished artwork from a studio to its final location on a wall. The information is presented very clearly and honestly with items of opinion stated as such. Mr. Withers not only presents the “how-to” of the various procedures mentioned in the film’s title, but also the information needed to select the materials and toos for each job. The information is so detailed that, with a mild investment in supplies, most people can learn these procedures from the video and soon end up saving themselves a substantial amount of money,  as framing is generally expensive to shop out to framing stores. Information included ranges from making one’s own molding to acknowledging the opportunities to buy ready-made frames online. Given the proper materials, the information presented here is certainly within the abilities of high-school students, and some of the decisions, such as choosing mat colors, would even be of interest to young students just using backing board. At over an hour and 20 minutes in length, and including project worksheets, and materials and tools sheets in PDF files, this DVD is a value.

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Framing, Matting & Hanging 

Framing and matting are important to protect artwork from dust, careless handling, acids, pollutants, and moisture. Proper framing and matting can also enhance and reveal the beauty of your artwork. While framing is important, it can also be expensive if you’re taking your work to a professional framer. But you don’t have to pay a lot for professional results. In fact, you can save up to half or more if you frame your work yourself.
In this program you'll learn how to:
• Select the right mat and frame
• Cut a single and double-mat
• Mount your artwork
• Make your own frame molding
• Cut and assemble your frame
• Paint and decorate your frame
• Hang and display your artwork
• Use conservation framing techniques

Host: Larry Withers                     
Running time: 88 minutes   
Price: $16.95
UPC#: 881303000290