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Video Librarian: Artists who want to gain more control over the viscosity or texture of their paint can do so by grinding each color by hand—using pigment, oil, and the abrasive carborundum. In this program, Sharyn Pak Withers explains the complex process—which varies for each pigment—while demonstrating with five colors: chrome yellow light, titanium white, bone black, aquamarine blue, and alizarin crimson. Each requires a differing amount or even type of oil, and various grinding techniques, all with the goal of getting the best possible results in terms of consistency, drying period, and resistance to yellowing over time. Along the way, Withers covers materials - paint is ground on a glass sheet using a glass muller safety issues, and shows viewers how to get the final product into tubes. A printable materials list and template for keeping track of how a particular color is mixed is also included. While not every artist will want to make the extra effort of grinding their own oil paints, those who do will find this program helpful. Recommended.

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Grinding Your Own Oil Paint 

There was a time before the invention of paint tubes, when artists had to grind their own oil paint. The advantage was that artists could make their paints to suit their personal preferences and working methods.

    The process itself is straight forward and requires just a bare minimum of tools and materials to get started. 

     In this video, art expert Sharyn Pak Withers takes you through the various steps of making your own oil paint from mixing the pigment with linseed oil, to grinding, to putting your paint into tubes. 

     Other subjects addressed include tools and materials, the paint grinding process and safety issues.

Host: Sharyn Pak Withers                     
Running time: 48 minutes   
Price: $16.95
UPC#: 881303000368