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Library Journal: In this a sequel to their previously released Chubby Hubby Workout, master trainer Sharyn Pak and her one-and-only chubby hubby...Larry! Yes, the Chubby Hubby team is back for round two with a new and very innovative fitness routine for the “real” man. The Knockout Husband routine incorporates the powerful movements of traditional boxing but adds explosive martial arts skills to develop muscle strength and flexibility. The routine features ten rounds of jabs, crosses, upper cuts, snap kicks, and blocks, all capably demonstrated by a noticeably leaner Larry. Sharyn serves as announcer, queuing viewers throughout the routine while directing some affectionate jeers at her hubby along the way. As a bonus, Knockout Husband provides in-depth information on the use a jump rope and how to employ hand wraps properly. This is fun, easy, and less intimidating than other hard-core boxing regimens. A unique addition to public libraries with a female-oriented fitness collection or as a companion to the original Chubby Hubby program.

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Chubby Hubby Knockout Husband 

Inside every chubby hubby there’s a lean, mean husband fighting to get out. That’s why I developed “Knockout Husband”. Like the original Chubby Hubby Workout, this video is designed specifically for the guy who hasn’t worked out in a while, to help ease him back into an exercise routine. Based on traditional boxing and martial arts skills, this program features punching combinations, footwork, blocks and kicking drills that will build stamina, strength, flexibility, and overall physical confidence. My husband, Larry will lead your champ through 10 rounds of sweat-inducing, adrenalin-pumping exercises. It’s a knockout workout!

Host: Sharyn Pak with Larry Withers                    
Running time: 54 minutes   
Price: $19.95
UPC#: 881303000146