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Arts & Activities: Larry Withers, founder of On Air Video, is the driving force behind this very comprehensive, generous—at under $20—and lengthy presentation about drawing. Based on the premise that “drawing is a skill,” Mr. Withers takes the viewer through numerous stages of learning to draw, beginning with materials and tools and concluding with a chapter about difficult drawing subjects.     Additional topics include warming up exercises, understanding shapes and negative space, using tones, seeing light and shadows, drawing still lifes, drawing landscapes and rendering room interiors, including using perspective. The content of each chapter is very detailed in a refreshing manner that challenges the viewer to learn a lot.      The chapters are designed in a manner in which explanations are followed by examples. The pictured demonstrations progress slowly so the viewer can work along with the video. The chapters unfold in a very logical manner and build on each other, which reinforces the previously introduced skills.     As this video is very sophisticated, it is best used with teenage through adult-aged students, and used it should be. In addition to the basic DVD, PDF files are included with a materials and tools list, a chart of tonal values and photos from the video. These materials will all provide a convenient means for copying written material for the user audience.

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Learn to See, Learn to Draw 

Drawing is a skill, like riding a bike or throwing a ball. The key is to understand what you're drawing. Once you understand your subject the act of drawing becomes a less daunting process. In this video, Larry Withers will show you how to draw by introducing and building upon a series of simple drawing skills. Now anyone, regardless of art experience can learn to draw... and draw well. CHAPTERS: • Materials and tools • Looking for simple shapes • Drawing simple shapes•Creating tone • Importance of light and shadow • Constructing your drawing • Drawing a still life • Drawing a landscapes • Rendering difficult objectsThis DVD disk also contains a downloadable materials list in PDF format.

 Larry Withers                    
Running time: 92 minutes   
Price: $19.95
UPC#: 881303000191

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