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Barnes Foundation. Perhaps the single private collection of most modern works front the 19th and early 20th century. 

Philadelphia Museum of Art. Perhaps one of the top five museums in the world, representing various periods, cultures, continents, and styles. Noted for its impressionist works, it also boasts a medieval armor collection and fashion collection. 

Online Art Collections

Your Paintings. A fairly comprehensive, and diverse collection of art representing the various museums from around the United Kingdom. Easily search by museum, painting, galleries, tech. Each artist work can be seen in slideshow, with background on the work and where it can be viewed in real life. A very rewarding experience. 

Web Gallery of Art. A collection of over 33,900 reproductions of art from various periods in European art history. Features biographies, commentaries and guided tours. Especially like the viewer controls to for viewing the works including setting the browser window color. 

Art Schools

Titans of Illustration. This is the alumni site dedicated to "past, present, and future" California State University-Fullerton illustration students. Selected alumni have gone on to notable careers in illustration and animation. This site boasts a large galley of illustration work as well as a lengthy links page.


Lines and Colors. Charley Parker touches upon a variety of topics drawing, painting, sketching, illustration, motion graphics, digital art. It runs the gamet. Excellent resource.

Gurney's Journey. Exploring his personal interests which often coincides with most artist's interests. Constantly updated.


Websites Excellent site, serving both the artist and the art model. Plenty of video drawing demonstrations by various instructors, photos of models categorized by pose (standing, seated, reclining, etc.), international directory of figure drawing class and open studios, and on and on. Highly recommended. Created and managed by mother and son, Mayko and Kenzo, respectively, this is a wonderful site for those interested in improving their figure drawing skills. The lessons are based on sound, well-thought out figure drawing principles and experience. The drawing examples are also beautiful and inspiring. This site is also highly recommended.


Clay Johnson 

Glenn Harren

Rob Liberace


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