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Video Librarian: In Measuring Methods for Artists, Larry Withers—a veteran of how-to videos on topics such as drawing, framing, and perspective—focuses on measuring techniques that add "greater realism" and accuracy to a finished work. After running through necessary materials and tools (a list is also separately available on the disc), Withers introduces three methods: comparative measuring,sight-size measuring, and triangulation. As he demonstrates each one, an animated pencil moves over the image, repeating his actions. The approaches are useful but involve time and effort, especially sight-size (a painstaking but accurate way of drawing to scale that Withers says was employed by the great painters of the past), and the demonstrations are detailed as he works out theentire example each time. As he says, "The more deliberate you are, the more accurate your drawing will be." Sprinkled throughout are "try this" hints, such as how to transfer an image if the paper is damaged or how to use an imaginary clock face for plotting points in a drawing. Withers' parting advice is that while method is never a substitute for artistic judgment, knowing skills such as the onesdemonstrated here will make the final work better. A useful tool for artists, this is highly recommended. Aud: C, P. (F. Gardn​er)

Midwest Book Review: Measuring Methods for Artists is a DVD guide designed to teach artists useful techniques for calculating relative sizes and proportions, the better to draw more realistic images of everything from still life's and landscapes to poses and figurative art. Expert Larry Withers (who studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) demonstrates comparative, sight-size, and triangulation measuring methods, using common and inexpensive artists’ tools (recommended materials to make optimal use of this DVD include drafting tape, a small carpenter’s level, a straight edge/ruler, and a weight attached to a string). A solid, easy-to-use resource, Measuring Methods for Artists is enthusiastically recommended for hobbyists and aspiring professional creators alike. 

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Measuring Methods for Artists 

Artists often use measuring techniques to achieve more accurate, realistic effects. Measuring is used to calculate relative sizes and proportions and is useful for still lifes, landscapes and even figurative art. Today we use several measuring methods including: comparative, sight-size and triangulation. In this video, Larry Withers demonstrates these technique using simple artist’s tools. The program is divided into chapters starting with a review of materials and tools and a section on general advice on how to achieve reliable consistent results. In the following chapters, you’ll see the step-by-step process as well as the concepts involved with the different measuring techniques. 

Host: Larry Withers                    
Running time: 50 minutes   
Price: $16.95
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