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Many of our programs feature downloadable PDF files, including materials and tools lists, helpful diagrams and photos. If you’ve purchased a streaming or downloadable version of one of our videos you can access those files below. The titles are listed in alphabetical order.  

Beading. Materials and Tools  
Block Printing. Materials and Tools / Registration Jig / Bench Hook
Bookbinding. Materials and Tools / Equipment / Knots
Candlemaking. Materials and Tools / Dipping rack / Troubleshooting
Candymaking. Materials and Tools
Cardmaking. Materials and Tools
Color Mixology. Materials and Tools / Color Wheel Value Scale (B&W) / Color Value / Color Value pg.2 / Color Intensity /
Color Bias Wheel / Color Audition Chart / Colors and their Bias / Color Wheel
​Drawing from the Manikin. Back View / DrawingsFront View / Side View / Female
Framing, Matting and Hanging. Materials and Tools / Project Sheet-Double Mat / Project Sheet-Oval Mat / Project Sheet-Single Mat
Grinding Your Own Oil Paint.Materials and Tools / Recipe Log
Learn To See, Learn To Draw. Materials and Tools / Drawing Guides / Tonal Range / Photos
Measuring Methods for Artists. Materials and Tools 
Mosaics. Materials and Tools
Perspective Made Simple. Materials & Tools / Photos
Scrapbooking. Materials and Tools
Screenprinting. Materials and Tools / Samples WPA / Samples StrawberryLuna
Soapmaking. Materials and Tools / Recipes / Make A Box
Stretching and Priming Your Canvas. Materials and Tools

PDF Downloads

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