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Video Librarian: Perspective—the technique that adds the illusion of depth and distance to two-dimensional portrayals of objects—stymies many art students, but as instructor Larry Withers shows in Perspective Made Simple, it’s not all that difficult. Withers covers basic terminology and concepts before demonstrating the most common form—linear perspective—offering clear explanations and animations to illustrate how geometry simplifies the process and creates the desired image. Using a straightedge and a T-square, he demonstrates one-, two-, and three-point perspective; how to measure and divide spaces among receding objects; and how to draw such elements as tile floors, bridge arches, staircases, and roof gables, along with free-form features such as rivers, clouds, and waves. Withers also delves into atmospheric perspective—i.e., how air affects the perception of distant forms. As added helpful features, many of the projects can be viewed as slideshows, and the disc includes downloadable instructions. Highly recommended. 

Midwest Book Review: Perspective Made Simple: A Practical Guide for Artists is a no-nonsense tutorial DVD concerning how to incorporate perspective into one's drawings and art. Accessible to aspiring and practicing artists of all skill and experience levels, Perspective Made Simple covers one, two, and three-point linear perspective; atmospheric perspective; figures in perspective; creating shadows; equally spaced objects; measuring/dividing space, lines, and boxes; architectural features ranging from roads to roofs to bridges and much more. Simple drawing materials such as pencils, paper, a ruler, a drawing compass, a T-square and the like are recommended to gain the maximum benefit from the invaluable instruction of Perspective Made Simple.​Highly recommended to any would-be artist, and an absolute "must-have" for art school DVD libraries.

School Arts: Perspective Made Simple: A Practical Guide for Artists takes your understanding of perspective to new levels. Armed with only a short list of materials, you can follow along with host Larry Withers as he takes you through the techniques needed to master one, two, and three-point linear perspective, with additional coverage of everything from shadows, to reflections, to atmospheric perspective. Learn how to achieve greater realism, all from the comfort of your home.

Arts and Activities. Understanding perspective is key to being able to render objects realistically in a work of art. In this video, Larry Withers guides the viewer through many of the basic, and even more sophisticated, steps to drawing scenes with proper perspective. The presentation does a good job of defining terms and explaining each concept in clear, step-by-step segments.     There is a brief introduction placing visual perspective, in art, in a historical context. The introduction also includes helpful examples of the upcoming techniques of perspective, and how the concepts are related to the appropriate elements of art.      In addition to the basic perspective concepts such as one-, two- and three point perspective, the presentation includes such helpful explanations as atmospheric perspective, drawing objects receding in the background, drawing circles in perspective, adding shadows, and drawing floor tiles.     The video is designed so students can follow along and pause as needed. Reviewing each step. Each technique begins with sketching, which addresses the concept of seen perspective in any given setting. The tools and materials needed to progress through the lessons are explained, and fortunately, are not expensive or hard to find. The content of the video is clearly presented, but it is somewhat complicated material and thus, as noted by the producing company, this DVD is best intended for an audience or older viewers from teens to adults.

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Perspective Made Simple 

Knowledge and practical application of perspective is important for any serious artist. Perspective can seem perplexing, but with proper instruction it's really quite simple. Through five separate demonstrations Larry Withers will show how to use techniques of perspective to create more realistic drawings. The topics covered are:
• One, two and three-point linear perspective
• Atmospheric perspective
Plus these related perspective techniques:
• Circles in perspective • Figures in perspective
• Creating shadows • Reflections • Roads and rivers in perspective • Tile floors • Bridges with arches • Stairs and ramps • Equally spaced objects (poles, trees, etc.) • Measuring/dividing spaces, lines, boxes • Roofs and gables

 Larry Withers                    
Running time: 78 minutes   
Price: $16.95
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