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Video Librarian: The crafty married filmmaking team of Sharyn Pak and Larry Withers presents another solid entry in their series of instructional crafts programs here, teaching viewers how to make screen prints. Pak serves as narrator and guide, detailing four basic screen  printing processes that can be performed in a small area—say, on a kitchen table. She discusses types of screens, tools, paint and other emulsions, and printing media—paper, card stock, and fabric. Pak starts with a stencil technique followed by its opposite approach—known as the block-out method—in which the background takes the ink, leaving the design in the original color of the paper. Self-adhesive film is used for a more ambitious effort, printing in several colors on cloth for a tablecloth and napkins. The most complex project uses photo emulsion to make a four-color poster and a three-color T-shirt. DVD extras include galleries of prints from contemporary artists known as Strawberryluna and vintage posters from the Depression-era WPA; a primer on how to replace the fabric in a screen; advice on how to number and sign an edition of prints; and a downloadable PDF listing tools and materials. Highly recommended. (3 1/2 out of 4 stars)

Midwest Book Review: Screen Printing: The 4 Basic Techniques is a DVD how-to guide to using silk screen printing to create exciting designs for posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, and fine art prints. (Viewer access to screen frames, stencil materials, printing inks, printing surfaces, etc. is necessary to gain the full experience of practicing screen printing, of course). Host Sharyn Pak walks viewers through four of the most popular screen printing methods step-by-step: paper stencil, positive or negative blockout, film stencil, and photo emulsion. Screen Printing: The 4 Basic Techniques is especially ideal for beginners; it opens with review of the materials and tools used in screen printing, including instructions for preparing and maintaining the necessary equipment. An accessible, informative, and user-friendly resource, highly recommended to anyone interested in screen printing, whether as a hobby or for a home business.

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Screen Printing: 4 Techniques

Screen printing (a.k.a. silk screen printing) is one of the most popular methods of printing today. With screen printing you can create bold, eye-catching designs for posters, t-shirts, greeting cards and fine arts prints. Because of its beauty and versatility, screen printing has been embraced by crafters and fine artists.     
In this program you'll learn how to screen print using the four most popular basic methods:
• Paper stencil
• Blockout (positive and negative)
• Film stencil
• Photo emulsion method
Using these techniques you can create an almost infinite array of designs and styles. 
Host: Sharyn Pak                     
Running time: 73 minutes   
Price: $16.95
UPC#: 881303000306